Nuclear Holocaust does not sound too fun

My thoughts on not wanting a Nuclear Holocaust


Funny Five

Just had a funny five minutes. By that I mean I had to escape and felt this overwhelming feeling of anxiety and hopelessness I tried to google happy thoughts but that only worked a little bit. So instead I went outside in the rain, looked at nature and tried to feel my feelings It was […]

Writing a Musical

I am writing a musical Loved the Greatest Showman so thought why not Going to write about what I know and that for me is my love for Chloe So I am going to write a musical might vlog about it the process and everything and let’s see if I can get this thing made. […]

Sh*tposting- werewolves

Werewolves where are you man? Look at me I am a werewolf what does this mean? Do I change in the moonight or for a full moon Does that mean I only change like once a month Being a werewolf sucks Do not become a werewolf -The End-

How long will Trump last?

The walls are caving in. Manafort George Papadopoulos Rick Gates. Who is next? Is it Sessions? is it Jared Kushner? Or is it Trump Jr Mr President the process is long but the people will win against you. It is a matter of when not if. Colluding with the Russians is not very American of […]